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Thread: New Member Posting to say hey!

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    New Member Posting to say hey!

    Yep, my name is Hunter and I have been in Kernersville, NC for 19 out of the 21 years of my life so pretty rooted here I suppose. I have been already OC some here locally mostly because I have not yet had the chance to get my CCW permit due to Army obligations falling on class days.

    I go to the range at Pro Shots in Rural Hall and so far very pleased. I shoot and hunt locally on friends land along with in Asheboro. Along with have about the same amount of time OC in Asheboro as K-vegas.

    All in all just trying to speak up and get in on any group meetings and keep up to date with any law changes so I don't get hurt from not knowing. Anybody feel free to PM me if you want to go to the range or grab a bite to eat. If I'm not out training I'm usually out doing a hobby or inside video gaming.

    - Hunter

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    Welcome to OCDO! There are several of us in or around K-Vegas. With all the new people from the area coming in lately, I might try and get a meetup together this weekend in K-Vegas before I start coming in and out of town for the summer.

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