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Thread: (Possible) Return Of The Yellow Cat

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    (Possible) Return Of The Yellow Cat

    Hi to my Friends in Wisconsin,

    I have posted to the Illinois version of this forum as shown below at the suggestion of several of my friends in WI who recognize that UT BCI Certified CFP Instructors in IL ask at least $100 for the UT course taught in IL and my prices begin at $40 and get discounted from there. Those of you on this forum that know me know that I deliver quality instruction at an affordable price.

    I refuse to compete with WI Carry and their free WI Courses, but for anyone taking the UT course from me, I will add on the WI portion for free. If you pay, it is for the UT permit course, not the WI training necessary for a WI License. And, depending on your personal traveling circumstances, the UT permit is arguably the best supplemental permit to the WI permit - and - the UT permit gets you into MN.

    I am contemplating a trip to WI over the Memorial Day weekend. Whether or not I offer courses will depend on demand. I have had a request for a custom course designed with older Citizens in mind who have some level of disability. I am open to this in addition to the UT class. I have not had any requests for NRA courses, but am open to that as well. If there is a desire for NRA courses, I need to secure a range.

    Yellow Cat Out - See post to IL forum below:

    Greetings to my 2A friends in Illinois - the only State with little or no recognition of the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.

    I have never posted in this forum, but some of you follow me on Wisconsin Open Carry dot Org and the WI open carry forum. In addition to my "day job", I am an experienced firearms instructor with multiple NRA ratings and a State of Utah BCI Certified Concealed Firearm Permit Instructor rating. Wisconsin (you know - Illinois largest state park) recognizes the UT permit and a UT permit will allow you to carry a concealed firearm when you visit Lake Geneva (and you all know where that is).

    I live in Utah, but visit Wisconsin at least annually. My "day job" pays well so I do not charge nearly as much for my courses as the local Illinois Instructors do. I am not "dissing" them, but I believe in quality instruction that is affordable. Many people do not get quality firearms education because they cannot easily afford the class, (For references regarding my skill levels, go to the Wisconsin version of this forum and ask about the "Yellow Cat"). I am a member of the USCCA, the Vietnam Veterans of America (Chapter 236), and a life member of NRA. I am also ex-LEO.

    The price for my UT CFP course begins at $40 and gets discounted from there. NRA member = discount. Wisconsin Carry Member = discount. Veteran = discount. Combat Vet = deeper discount. Indeed, if I ever have a student with the Medal of Honor, I pay him the course fee for the honor of teaching it. See for the discount schedule.

    I am contemplating a trip to Wisconsin over Memorial Day to visit my mother who is in a nursing home in Janesville, WI and am trying to get an idea of the interest that Illinois Citizens might have in my course(s). I have classroom facilities in East Troy (a few miles NE of Lake Geneva - take US 12 to Interstate 43. Exit US 20 and the airport, where I have classroom facilities, is right there.) I would also consider traveling to Illinois if I had classroom facilities (since there is no range work for the UT permit, that might mean a private residence). Please respond to this thread, or better yet, PM me. If you have "special needs" or wish some sort of specialized training, please PM me with that. (One of my former WI students wants a course for older folks with disabilities.

    Jim (The Yellow Cat With The M-4)
    My cats support the Second Amendment. NRA Life Member, NRA Instructor: Pistol, Rifle, & Personal Protection - NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, Utah BCI Certified Concealed Firearm Permit Instructor.
    "Permission Slips" from Utah, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, and Florida. _ Verily, thou shalt not fiddle with thine firearm whilst in the bathroom stall, lest thine spouse seek condolences from thine friends.

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    As a previous student I can attest it is an excellent course and I recommend it.
    What part of "shall not be infringed" don't you understand?

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