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Thread: My open carry story

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    My open carry story

    I open carry on a daily basis. Whether it's shopping at my local WalMart or visiting my mother's house across town, open carry has become a way of life for me.

    Here is my mini story

    Last night I drove up to a local convenience store, walked in, purchased my items and proceeded to leave in my vehicle. Then, out of nowhere, two subjects (a male and a female) parked their vehicle perpendicular behind my truck and there was another vehicle blocking from the front. I knew there was no possible way for me to leave the store unless I asked the lady to please move her vehicle.

    I then stepped out, stood a good distance away from the subject and requested politely for her to move the vehicle as I was boxed in. When I said this, the gentleman in the passenger seat looked as if he was about to say something rude (or even possibly initiate an argument) until he saw my KelTec 9mm on my hip! He put his head down and the female driver moved the vehicle out of my way.

    Long story short, this could have turned very bad for me.. The passenger could have unjustly stood up for his girlfriend and threatened me in a negative fashion. However, thanks to my professionalism and KelTec PF9, I was able to negate any problems and continue on with my evening.

    Open carrying your firearm not only protects your person and property, but may also deter the smallest of crime if it may come your direction.

    Keep on carrying on! Hooah!

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    Congrats on your OC and a good story as well. This is the way these things should go.

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