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Thread: Transport/Possesion in Parking Lot of Premise Licensed to Sell Liquor

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    Transport/Possesion in Parking Lot of Premise Licensed to Sell Liquor

    Call for a cop, call for an ambulance, and call for a pizza. See who shows up first.

    I am not a lawyer (merely an omnipotent member of a continuum). The contents of this post are not a substitute for sound legal advice from a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction.

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    No big deal in MO. Then again having a wee nip....or two, while armed and about is not illegal either.
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    I wouldn't want to test it. Its probably ok, but still, I'd just prefer to not disclose the posession, and deny consent to search. As seen earlier this afternoon, they don't care, but you gotta try.

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    I wouldn't test it either. I believe that since the law could be interpreted a number of ways, the LEO will choose the way that will not be in your favor. Even if the prosecutor decided not to prosecute, the gun owner would still have no recourse for being arrested/cited... the cop is given the benefit of the doubt.
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    And as I stated on MOC even if with this letter you were good to go, this letter only applies to places licensed to sell alcohol because, according to the letter, the definition of a "licensed premises" is spelled out in the liquor control code as being a structure or part of a structure. This doesn't have any bearing on a non-CPL holder with a firearm legally stored in their vehicle's trunk while in the parking lot of one of the other listed places in 750.234d like a theater, bank, sports arena, church, etc.

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