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Thread: Aquatica reef in Louisville

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    Exclamation Aquatica reef in Louisville

    Hi everyone. I've been reading for years but only just registered as I've never had a need to post. While I do have my CCDW, I pretty much exclusively open carry and have for a long time now. Until today I have never had a single issue. A lot of looks and a lot of questions but never trouble.

    I am an avid salt water aquarist. I frequent many of the pet stores in the Louisville area and have never had a problem Open carrying. Today I went to Aquatica, not for the first time, but for the first time I was told by the owner that I was not welcome there because I was carrying. Not sure what changed his mind as I had been there several times before while open carrying and he never said anything. I will not be back and I urge you to spread the word and avoid his shop as well.

    For the record I have never had a problem carrying at Sandys, or any other pet store in Louisville. I was just at Sandys today. Very nice people. Even had a conversation about carrying with an employee there!


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    Like 09jisaac posted, go to that site and list them there, that way others that might not see this post will see that one.

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