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Thread: ABC news poll, smellslikemichigan missed

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    ABC news poll, smellslikemichigan missed

    There is another thread on this, but the original poster missed mentioning the poll, left sidebar. Sorry, I don't know where my link went.... Oh, there it is.

    Question asked is: should a person be allowed to OC into a polling place? so far, 1440 votes, 89% say: If it is not illegal, what's the problem.
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    A link?

    stay safe.
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    what link?
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    we ain't got no steenking links!!
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    Bottom of the article there a 'poll' check box. That's the link to the actual poll.


    Poll Results
    Should people be able to carry a handgun into a polling place?
    If it's not illegal, what's the problem?
    88% (1570)
    I'm not sure.
    1% (18)
    It doesn't seem safe.
    11% (190)
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    It's up to 89%, 1%, and 10%.
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