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Thread: - What It's Like in an Open Carry State?

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    8,709 - What It's Like in an Open Carry State?


    Most people didn't notice the people open carrying. Those who did notice kept on walking.

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    Good and well balanced article IMO. The comments are laughable though.

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    If she really wanted to do a story on open carry, she should have visited a state with more liberal open carry laws. My first 3 recommendations would be Virginia, Arizona or Nevada. I'm sure there are other states that would be just as good, but those are the ones I have personal experience in. Last time I was in the area, I couldn't carry in Oregon.

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    Jennifer Loren talks more about open carry

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    The local sheriffs play on the fear of the mythical gun snatch from a LAC - possible, of course, but only one documented case has ever been found in modern times that passed the test: No LEO's, security officers or military - can occur anywhere in the USA. The one case happened right here in VA - all others have been refuted.
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    I can tell you what it is like in an OC state. It is awesome!
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    headed home soon

    And up here in WA. state open carry is becoming more accepted we finnaly have most LE that knpw about it some are not sure if they accept it yet.
    But none of this will matter much for me in A couple of months as I will be returning to OK. where I grew up down in greer county (SW OKLA.). Any one on here live in that neck of the woods. If so look forward to having coffee in the near future.
    Now that the OK. Gov. has oked lic. OC are permits from other states ok to OC also??
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    As long as OK recognizes the state you have a permit from you will be legal to CC or OC in OK.

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