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Thread: Public meeting tonight with Louisville Police Chief Steve Conrad

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    Public meeting tonight with Louisville Police Chief Steve Conrad

    Louisville Metro Councilman Rick Blackwell has invited new Chief of Louisville Metro Police Steve Conrad to speak with residents about his goals for the department and what he sees as priorities in public safety. May’s District 12 Dialogue will be held at the Southwest Government Center in the Main Court Room, 7219 Dixie Highway beginning at 7:00 pm.

    I cannot attend but I hope some of the local OCers would go and discuss the Constitutionality of OC with the Chief and how LMPD officers "should" respond when a generic "Man With a Gun" call comes in regarding someone who is OCing legally.

    Keep in mind the meeting will be held in the courtroom of the Southwest Govt. Center and the building entrances are posted with "No Concealed Carry" signs.
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    I'd be more than happy to go, but I've got a busted radiator, and a car with no drivers side door, XD
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