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Thread: Bloomington OC

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    Bloomington OC

    Headed up to bloomington and wondering if I will have any trouble while OC'ing? I have a Missouri CCW which is listed as reciprocal with Minnesota.

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    If you go to Mall of America, I would suggest strongly you conceal. The mall is posted, though the signs are not legal. But that has not stopped Mall Security or Bloomington Police, who have substation there, from escorting people out who were found to be carrying. MN law is when asked, you must leave or be subject to trespass- 1st offence- $25 fine and no seizure of weapon. Can't comment on the rest of the town as I have no knowledge.

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    Today, I have been to Target on penn and 494 and the caribou next to while OCing. Not even a comment. I did have 3 chicks checking out the glock and smiling. That was cool. But yea, no problems.

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