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Thread: OC w/ CC Permit

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    OC w/ CC Permit

    Rumor had it a few years ago that if you have a CC and wanted to OC, the police *could* bust your for not CC'ing. Any truth to that? There's situations where I feel more comfortable OC'ing, even though I have a CC permit.



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    carry concealed permit allows you to conceal your weapon, it does not require you to conceal your weapon.

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    Completly false!!!! You donot give up any Right to OC because you get a CC. The only reason Im going to get my CC if for when im in my car. Game laws in WV prohibits carrying a loaded gun in a car unless you have a valid CC. Look up WV Game laws and read up on the gun laws section, or just get 2012 Hunting Laws booklet you can pick them up at any sporting goods store. If you do any kind of hiking or outdoor things in the woods, OC can become an issue in the woods here in WV.

    Welcome to the OCDO stick around you will learn alot on this site. I saw where your from Charleston, shooting on the news everyday from that town, OC would be a very good thing in that town. Remember Charleston has a ban on OC, Charleston, South Charleston, and Dunbar has a city ordinance against OC
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    yes, that is true...NOT!!!

    Just like getting a driver's license REQUIRES you to not walk or take a bicycle.

    Just like getting a dog license requires you to not own any cats or gerbils as pets.

    Next time you hear this "urban myth", use these two examples to prove how ridiculous such an idea is...
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