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Thread: A WIN!!! for South Dakota Citizens.....

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    Thumbs up A WIN!!! for South Dakota Citizens.....


    I want to thank everyone that called and or Wrote to the Sioux Falls Mayor's Office and City Council yesterday to Voice Opposition to Executive Order 07-29. In less than 24 HRS and with Strong Opposition from South Dakota Open Carry advocacy group (SDOC) and several other State and National Pro-Second Amendment Groups. The City of Sioux Falls Attorneys Office has said they are currently working on revising/amending Executive Order 07-29.

    Even now that the City of Sioux Falls has started to take steps to fix this issue we are not going to just fade away, we need to stick with this and see it thru and ensure, whatever they come up with in place of, or Amendments to E/O 07-29 are in keeping with the 2nd Amendment, South Dakota State Constitution, SDCL. and completed in a reasonable time frame.

    Again, I thank all of you for your unwavering Support and steadfastness.

    Adam J. Turner

    South Dakota Open Carry (SDOC)
    Sioux Falls Chapter.

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    That's good news!

    I'm flabbergasted when politicians pull ideas like this out of thin air without conducting any sort of poll or checking with the U.S. or their State's Constitution.

    Good for you for showing up, en masse, to tell them, "What on Earth are you talking about, Sir? This is America! We don't do that here."
    The First protects the Second, and the Second protects the First. OO-RAH!!! Together, they protect the rest of our Bill of Rights and other founding documents.

    As for President Trump, he's getting the job done.

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