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Thread: Open Carry Training in Oklahoma...

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    Open Carry Training in Oklahoma...

    Where can a person, who wanted to "carry open" get further training on defensive tactics involved with open carry of a firearm pin Oklahoma? Please forgive this post if this topic is already being discussed in another thread.

    If it is being discussed for Oklahoma residents could one please post a link to the thread?

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    As the question is primarily state specific, moving it to the Oklahoma sub-forum.

    People from your state should chime in shortly.
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    Oklahoma Area Training

    Here are a few links and classes in Oklahoma and the surrounding states that I found: Located in Tulsa, they support lots of training


    Rangemaster Road Classes, May through October 2012

    Sept 15-16, Sat-Sun, Combative Pistol, Wichita, Kansas, contact
    The Bullet Stop, 316-945-3331

    Sept 20-22, Thur-Sat, Three-Day Firearms Instructor Development & Certification Course, Tulsa, OK, contact
    Paul Melin,

    Oct 12-14, Fri evening through Sunday, Combined Skills Course, 6pm-10pm Friday, 9am-6pm Saturday and Sunday, Chandler, OK
    Tom Givens, Steve Moses, Dr. Troy Miller

    Oct 20-21, Sat-Sun, Combative Pistol, Rogers, Arkansas
    Contact Jon Hodoway, or


    Instructor: MIKE PANNONE
    Training Type: PISTOL CARBINE
    Location: OKLAHOMA CITY, OK
    Date: 2012/09/28

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    For weapon retention and CQB go to CDT

    Phone number for both is 918-344-3744

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    Take the advanced concealed carry from TDSA. Granted, it is geared to CC, but what they teach will work well for OC. Instructors are all top notch. I took the class a while back and wish I could take classes there more often.

    I have not formally trained at Alpha Training Academy, but have had some informal one-on-one instruction from Robert. Highly recommended.

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    Should have checked your location first. Both of my recommendations are NE Oklahoma. In the OKC area, the place I would call first would be H&H. If they don't have something, they can definitely steer you in the right direction.
    Another resource for you would be Lots of locals and a great website. Plenty of positive, encouraging discussions without a lot of bs to sort through.

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