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Thread: Defense at 21 Feet

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    Defense at 21 Feet

    Personal Defense Season V Show 6 "Defense at 21 Feet"

    "If a knife wielding attacker is within 21 feet, you may win the gun fight, but you are also likely to lose the knife fight. Join George this week as he and Rusty Pugh pace off against knife attacks using open and concealed carry and show you ways to handle an edgy situation."

    The average man can cover 21 feet of ground in about 1.5 seconds

    Why open carry?
    When seconds (or fractions of seconds) count, open carry can be faster...
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    Yep. At 21 feet, if your spatial awareness has let you down and the BG has gotten that close, you are getting cut and/or stabbed.Hope you have a gun to minimize the damage done to you.
    What does a caring, sensitive person feel when they are forced to use a handgun to stop a threat?


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    With OC, you don't run the risk of snags or out-of-place IWB holsters. It takes one hand to unholster your weapon when OCing, CC can take two if something goes wrong. That's one less hand to hold of an attack or block a knife swing.

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    I find this video to be far more realistic.

    At about 4:00 into it, he says "it's because we trained!"

    Training is everything, especially under pressure.

    Please don't train with a real firearm, even if you think it's unloaded. If you insist on realism, you can obtain a used real-weight rubber replica for less than $50. Alternatively, a $5 squirt gun works just as well.
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