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Thread: Anyone fired the PX4?

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    Anyone fired the PX4?

    I carry (when I'm not in the peoples republic of murderland) my Baretta PX4 Storm .40 daily. I love to fire the gun and was just wondering if anyone else had fired it and if so what you guys think.

    Also has anyone handled or shot the RX4 storm? Honestly I'm just bored and waiting to get home so I can fire my pistol some more and I can finally fire my two new rifles off. Good old Maryland.

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    love my px4 storm, got it last month, 200 rds - 0 problems. i have the 9mm, very accurate.

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    I've shot one that belonged to a student. I liked it, for being a plastic, black gun. I can't explain why or prove it, but I still think that rotary barrel lock-up somehow helps keep the muzzle down when shooting. The .45 would be intriguing, as far as black plastic guns go.
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