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    77 Counties

    There are 77 counties/Sheriffs in Oklahoma. I just watched a news clip from news 9 KWTV in OKC and it stated they surveyed all the Sheriff's in Oklahoma and had a wide response to whether they supported, did not support or no comment on the OC law recently passed by Gov. Fallin.

    Is there a web site or a map of how each county sheriff feels about this new law? If so, can you let us know. I would just like to see where the hot spots are for future reference.


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    The article that I read said that 10 +13 of 77 sheriffs supported OC. Remarks from the other 44 ran from "won't be able to tell the good guys from the bad guys" to "There will be more officer-involved shootings".

    You might contact Jennifer Loren, Oklahoma Impact Team - bio | email and see if she will share the list with you, giving her credit of course. Then you could establish your own list or map from which to work. Contacting these sheriffs might be a multi-person effort, but strides could be made in educating LEA and establishing a spirit of cooperation with them.
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    This is absolutely something which OKOCA wishes to address. The more members we have, the more effective this conversation will be. Please follow our Facebook page for now until our website is active. We are posting organizational meetings in our events section as they are set up. We will be holding picnics, social gatherings, and litter clean-ups across the state as well. Stay tuned for opportunities near you or even contact us to organize a meeting or event in your area.
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