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Thread: 3 shot outside campus area Madison bar

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    Herr Heckler Koch

    3 shot outside campus area Madison bar

    Update: Downtown shooting victims released from hospital; police say incident was not a drive-by

    Rise in gun violence in Madison has police, officials alarmed

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    "Rises" in violence happen whenever the weather gets warmer. Most criminals and welfare rats are wimps and don't do their thing when it's cold out.

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    Herr Heckler Koch
    Somewhere in this morning's spate of Wisconsin gun control articles is the suggestion that the rise in violence started in November, but our lamestream media will not put all the facts in one basket, so to speak.

    My snowbird neighbors are returning to the roost and two have proudly announced their new Wisconsin CCL and another will buy a gun and license now that he is home.

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    A Sense of Reality

    Chief Wray - (SNIP) "I am not here to scare people," he said. "I am here to create more of a sense of reality about what's taken place in some of our neighborhoods. That's what we're trying to do, because there appears to be a gap at times between what the community understands and what is really taking place in some of our neighborhoods." (/SNIP)

    Ummm, there's no "gap of understanding" from the folks who have already sought their CCL. And to imagine, a few short months ago, these same folks were publicly against law abiding citizens carrying - and now all of a sudden, he feels the need to "create a sense of reality" about what's going on?
    "In a court trial half the lawyers are wrong." - Captain Nemo

    "[There is] a duty in refusing to cooperate in any undertaking that violates the Constitutional rights of the individual. This holds in particular for all inquisitions that are concerned with the private life and the political affiliations of the citizens." - Albert Einstein ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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