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Thread: An observation based on listening to my local SO on scanner

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    An observation based on listening to my local SO on scanner

    For many years now, sometimes I'll let the little Radio Shack scanner on the nightstand lull me to sleep. Usually, here in Calloway County, it's just a little pink noise from the earpiece with the occasional traffic stop.

    I have listened to a number of traffic stops where, when either the license or place number is run, the dispatcher comes back with the typical nothing out of the ordinary response and ends it with mentioning that either the registered owner of the vehicle or the DL holder has a CCDW.

    What's interesting is that in every one of these calls I can remember, the deputy, after acknowledging the message, has replied back within a minute or two that he's back 10-8 (on patrol, available for calls) with simply a warning for whatever the cause for the stop was, be it speeding, light out, whatever. None have ever asked for backup or indicated that a citation or arrest was made.

    I know the plural of anecdote is not data but I think it seems to reflect well on our county sheriff's department. I've heard for a while that our sheriff and his deputies are gun-friendly; not so much so for Murray City but they seem to at least know the law regarding state pre-emption.

    Another thing I've noticed is they are often times stretched very thin with apparently only two deputies on duty most nights, and they never seem to be too far from each other. Although I've heard them run all out as quickly as possible to "in progress" calls, their response times across the county can be very long. Something to keep in mind living in those remote areas.

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    I've noticed the same here in Boyd county, and my county has over 50,000 residents. I myself have witnessed this first hand last July during a check point. I had forgot to pay my vehicle registration, and did not realize it until I was told by the state trooper while having my license inspected. He radio'd dispatch, and when the dispatcher came back with my cdwl information, he told me to get my registration paid "when I could" and to have a nice day.

    Most law enforcement in our state are just like the rest of us. They were raised with firearms being a big part of their upbringing, and respect law abiding gun owners and their rights. Of course there is always one or two in every department who never held a firearm until they received their badge, and think the gun is a status symbol, and get irrate at the fact we can carry just like them and often times, due to department policy, with less restrictions. Not less restrictions on where they can carry, but rather what they can carry. I have heard more than one officer complain because he could only carry one gun off duty, or that he wanted to carry his 1911 but could only carry his department issued Glock. Firearms are a big part of Kentucky heritage, and for that I am truly grateful.
    "I never in my life seen a Kentuckian without a gun..."-Andrew Jackson

    "Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined."-Patrick Henry; speaking of protecting the rights of an armed citizenry.

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    I live in Murray too and have a CCDW and never have any problems.

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    not to be off topic but, BurgerBoy, i dam near cracked my computer screen because of your avatar.

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