Hey y'all, just looking for opinions from anyone who may have done what I'm asking about.

Okay, so I have the Taurus 809c and I can't find a nice laser for it, aside from universal. I'd love to get a guide rod laser or Crimson trace laser for it, but neither exist for it.
From looking, these style of laser would be my preference,


so would any of the already made lasers in this style for other guns fit on the 809? Really, the trigger guard would just have to be the same and from looking at different images, the 700 series and Millennium Pro all have very similar trigger guards. So yeah, does anyone have any experience with attaching either of those to an 809 or if there is another company that makes a similar one that would fit? I'd most prefer a LaserMax guide rod laser, but with this gun, it doesn't seem like one will be made anytime soon.