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Thread: Criminal use of electronic weapons

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    Criminal use of electronic weapons

    In the past two months I have been told by no less than 15 people that they purchased a Taser on the advice of others as an alternative to a handgun or other firearm... Well folks, for a civilian to employ a Taser you are in fact using Deadly Force, same standard as a Handgun or other Firearm. The outcome for the victim may be less but you will be treated as using Deadly Force under Maine Law.

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    I'd certainly rather have a firearm with 16 rounds than a tazer with one shot.

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    I looked into buying a Taser for my mother who despises guns (out of fear, I believe). It was a really nice model, the kind that I've seen a lot of PPD carrying around here. For the $300-$400 they cost though, plus the extra cartridges, I'd rather just buy her a compact pistol and teach her how to shoot. I wonder if the emotional trauma from having to deploy a taser would be any different from discharging your firearm (in a SD situation). Can't say because fortunately, I've never had to do either.
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