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Thread: Reasons/Stories of being denied your P2C

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    Reasons/Stories of being denied your P2C

    I'm sure there are various reasons besides being a violent/threatening person according to the government for being denied your permit, but what are they?

    I, for instance, was sent my letter of denial on the 10th of this month from Hennipen County, Minnesota not because of any previous offense, but because my license was "pending suspension."
    According to MN law, a suspended license is not a valid form of identification, and as per MN law, a permit to carry must be carried and presented along with a valid form of Id. It's all taken care of at this point, but I still think that it's kind of stupid, considering that my license was suspended, not my identity.

    Anyone else have similar stories?

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    Mine doesn't fall into the "stupid" category so much as the "how did that happen" category.

    I got my denial letter with the reason provided that I was a "Fugitive From Justice". News to me, so I started digging. We can access Circuit Court records in WI online. I was clean. I paid $7 to the DoJ website for a Criminal Background Check. It came back clean. I've had easily 6-10 encounters with police officers in the past decade where I'm certain my information was run (accidents, traffic citations) - even as recent as a month ago - and I've never been arrested. I even had a cop friend run me through. Clean. So I had no idea where this warrant was coming from.

    I filed my appeal and the DoJ sent more detailed information back. My warrant was coming out of PA. I haven't lived in PA since 1998!

    Long story short, I had an open bench warrant dating back to 1997 for basically not paying a fine. I settled up, got my warrant cleared, proof that it was cleared from PA, and sent it off to the DoJ again. I'm hoping my license arrives this week.

    So far, I have just under $800 invested into getting my CCL...

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