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Thread: Vacation through most of Nevada OC'ing

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    Vacation through most of Nevada OC'ing

    To save you the suspense I had ZERO issues traveling and staying at hotels across our great state. My sister just graduated from Humboldt State University and the whole family made the trip by van to see her ceremony. First stop was Tonopah at the Ramada/Tonopah station hotel casino. They had a sign on the door stating you needed permission to carry inside. Not only did they not say a word while I was in the casino for a couple hours, they learned I brought my dog and encouraged me to have her with me on the casino floor!! So there I am with a cold beer, my hunting dog, my colt .38 special and a slot machine. I love this State.

    Next was Reno. We stayed at the Atlantis. I snuck my dog up to my room then went downstairs to check out the poker room. I forgot to disarm and really thought that I had. Two days on the road I was a little burnt out. Anyways I OC'd on the casino floor and at the bar for a good 4 hours. I started talking to a lady who was born and raised in England and lives in Mexico. She noticed my gun and almost had a heart attack! After i explained it was all legal she just could not wrap her head around it. She just kept repeating the word "wow" then in a heavy English accent said "I guess it still is the wild wild west!" I then warned her to be careful when she gets back home because freedoms and liberties can become contagious. Made my way to the poker room, got chips. I informed the floorman I would be back after I put my firearm away. He said "no biggie, we will save your seat sir". Made enough money at that game to buy my family dinner and 2 days worth of gas. I love this Sate.

    In California I had it in a locked box on the center console with it on the code in case I needed it. If I got pulled over I would change the number and refuse to open it unless he had a warrant. I hate that State.

    On the way back we had a great lunch at a little place in Beatty. the customers kinda stared a little but the staff did not say a word. They also encouraged i bring my dog to the outside tables where we were eating. I love this Sate.

    Stopped in Goldfield and gassed up. Not a care was given. If you are ever up that way stop at the old cemetery. They have a grave over 100 years old of a man who died from eating library paste! WTF! I love this Sate.

    1400 miles driven, a week on the road in Nevada at various towns and city's and I now understand how the people in the Northern half of our State cringe at Clark County.

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    I, too, love this state! The only part of your story that surprised me was the lack of harassment from the Atlantis...

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