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Thread: Fish Fry this Friday (May 25) at Elies in Monona?

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    Fish Fry this Friday (May 25) at Elies in Monona?

    I know this is kinda short notice...Anyone interested in meeting at Elies on Monona Dr in Madison? Im planning on being there around 6.30ish... Otherwise, we will be having a meet/greet breakfast in the near future also!

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    I'd love to be there.....but I will be on my way to DC for the 25th annual Rolling Thunder event in support of POW's and MIA's on the Harley.

    I'll be thinking of you all.

    Looking forward to a great breakfast after I get back around June 3rd.
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    Ya I can't make it either. I'll be on a plane to California that morning and then driving back Monday-wed.

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