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Thread: Native Oregonians are a rare breed indeed...

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    Native Oregonians are a rare breed indeed...

    Hi, I was born and raised in Southern Oregon, now I live near Eugene.

    I grew up hunting and fishing--Ive learned a lot lurking in the forums but I thought Id say hello to my Oregon brothers and sisters in Arms.

    Ive open carried a few times in Huge Scene (Eugene) with no problems. Current events are making it hard to just sit by and watch the Govt (think E. Holder) send us up the creek.

    Im reading the statutes again but with more focus. Im REALLY sick of joe redneck telling me myths about firearm carry in the State and want to set people straight.

    What say you?

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    If i have a gun on me, you can bet it is openly carried, its a bad deterrent when hidden

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    I say funny things about funny people, and then get in trouble for it.

    Oh well.

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