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Thread: Mayors Against Illegal (ALL) Guns are criminals!

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    Mayors Against Illegal (ALL) Guns are criminals!

    Do you all realize how many "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" members are felons? Of course we all know they are against all guns in the hands of all citizens, and not just illegal guns. I ran across an article that proves these individuals are nothing more than tyrants who want the citizenry disarmed so we can be controlled however they see fit. Perhaps soon enough every member in this useless organization will get arrested and thrown in prison, and we will no longer have to listen to their biased rants based on nothing more than lies!

    There is a link in the article where you can research even more MAIG members and see how unbelievably criminal this organization is.
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    I was under the impression that elected officials are sworn to uphold the laws of the land, respect the people that they represent and govern,..not to select and step over laws that they don't like....silly me.
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