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Thread: Not sure where to ask this.

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    Not sure where to ask this.

    Who governs the major waterways in terms of firearm laws? In particular the Mississippi? Thinking of buying a houseboat on it. I assume the Corps of Engineers as they manage it but can they also regulate firearms on it? If so what are the regulations? I searched but didn't find a lot of info.


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    Unfortunately, just as you had written, this is not an easy subject to research without putting in phone calls to people. ACoE usually controls most waterways in the U.S. according one LARGE map I found. Granted this was just a map and didn't say anything in reference to weapons!

    I know, that to our (gun owner's) dismay, it's illegal to have weapons on ACoE waterways or "their" oversight properties. But all of this might soon be changing, granted that soon in political circles could mean years and years though. While search on this, I located this article from the GOA:

    They're working to get the restrictions removed from ACoE oversight properties. Let's hope that this does pan out as there are ALOT of waterways and properties that are under ACoE's oversight.

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    Law enforcement on domestic navigable waters is a USCG mission under IIRC Title 10 USC and DHS.

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