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Thread: open carry

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    open carry

    is it legal to open carry at the age of 18

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    Welcome to OCDO.

    You really should go to the Utah forum and ask there - they know more about state-specific law than the rest of us "general public" types.

    Also, it will give you the opportunity to meet local OCers.

    stay safe.
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    State specific question.

    Moved it to Utah sub-forum.
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    Yes it is. as long as you stay 1000 feet from a school and school property and do not carry loaded (no round in the chamber for a semi auto and no round in line with the chamber or before the chamber in a revolver. With a UTAH Concealed Permit this does not matter. There are other places you cannot carry with or without a permit. You will want to find out what those places are as well.
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    Also, at 18, when and only when in a motor vehicle, you may have the handgun fully loaded and it is allowed to be concealed, including concealed on your person.

    But when not in a car, without a permit, you must open carry and not have a round in firing position and in a manner that requires two operations before firing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quinnlin1911 View Post
    is it legal to open carry at the age of 18
    In a word, yes. Welcome to the forum! Pax...
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