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Thread: Open Cary For Felons

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    Open Cary For Felons

    the Way indiana Law is Writen Felons Can own any Arms that are NOT Cartrige based unless they have had there Rights reinstated this being the Case i Figured id Pose the Question "What do you think of an ex Felon carrying Black powder Firearms OC"

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    If a felon may properly be disbarred his rights under color of law, then we all can be legally disarmed merely by sufficiently lowering the bar of felony as has been done to stressed veterans and alleged domestic abusers.

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    I'd be fine with ex-felons carrying just about anything.

    If the danger they present to society hinges on something as trivial as their possession of or proximity to a firearm, they should still be locked up.

    If they have paid their debt and been released to function in society again, their rights should be more completely reinstated.

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    Felons lose a lot of rights besides a right to carry a firearm.

    There are consequences to our actions. Felons should lose their firearms rights if the crime involved the use of a firearm. I am undecided about other felonies.

    But before we worry about felons rights, lets get it straight for law-abiding citizens first, and we still have a VERY long way to go on that one!

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