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Thread: Visiting from Colorado!

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    Visiting from Colorado!

    Howdy Folks!
    We arrived in Sapulpa Oklahoma for a weekend of metal detecting with the Indian Territory Treasure Hunter's Club, and I've enjoyed the competition. Not so much the humidity, which we Coloradoans ain't much accustomed to experiencing.

    Anyhow, I've become so habitual with OC, that it just don't occur to me to fret about it much. We stopped at a number of places across Colorado, Kansas, and on into Oklahoma.

    Since arriving in Oklahoma, I may have dropped my tee shirt over my pistol once or twice, but for the most part, have open carried. Other folks seeing my sidearm have been pretty supportive, telling me how the governor just signed legislation to allow open carry in Oklahoma. Most seem to believe that the law is in effect right now, but I advise that it doesn't actually go into effect November 1st. I don't want anybody getting into trouble, and know that I've been taking some chances by OC'ing around these parts myself.

    That being said, I haven't had anything other than positive comment and feedback from folks hereabouts. I think open carry will readily be accepted and taken for granted shortly after. Nobody in Oklahoma has felt intimidated or threatened by my OC, nor has anybody bothered to call in a MWAG or anything.

    Sure, there may be local police who may attempt to enforce the existing laws prohibiting open carry of a firearm, but it would be an exercise in illogic. After all, the founders stipulated that I have this right, and the congress of the state of Oklahoma recognized that I should have this right, and the sentate of Oklahoma agree that I have this right, and the governor agreed as well when signing the new law, so what local police officer wants to be writing somebody up for exercising a right that everybody (except perhaps him or her) recognizes? Sounds like a real loser case from the get-go!

    Anyhow, I am who I am, and do as I do, and don't spend a whole bunch of time fretting about crossing a law that is anachronistic. A lame duck law, if you will. And I will be enjoying myself, and the Indian Territory hunts, without changing my behavior along the way. I'll be headed home this evening, and hope to have plenty of goodies that I got out of Oklahoma ground!


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    M - I think you are more likely to get MWAG when you hang around unsavory lookin' characters.

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