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Thread: Oh My...How is that NO GUN thing working for you!

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    Oh My...How is that NO GUN thing working for you!

    40 Shootings and 10 Homicides in three days!!!
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    This could go one of two ways.....

    More than likely though, since it is Illinois, it will go the way of "We need more gun control!"
    The only terrorists I see nowadays are at the Capital.

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    Howdy Folks!
    When I was a young man, somewhere in my 20's, I moved away from Illinois. At that time, Chicago had a murder each and every single day of the year.
    I wanted to live somewhere safer for my family. So, I headed for Colorado and have lived here since. While I have a house in Illinois, I am extremely reluctant to visit the homestead because I'd be forced to disarm. While I have a CCW permit, I am able to enjoy open carry freely here every single day. I go everywhere with one of my pistols holstered on my hip. That doesn't mean we don't have crime hereabouts, but most of that appear to localize in Denver. Ironic, ain't it?

    Chicago and Denver are somewhat similar in that both prohibit open carry. However, Denver at least issues CCW permits, where Chicago prohibits any carry whatsoever.

    Personally, I will take responsibility for my own safety, and the protection of my family. I do not believe I need permission from the state to defend my own life. I am unwilling to be a sacrifice on the altar of state law prohibiting my right to reasonable self defense.

    And I keep hoping things will change in Illinois. After all, I'll need to go there eventually, and I'd like to continue my status as a law abiding, pistol carrying citizen who is exercising his Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. A right protected, everywhere that is, except Illinois.

    More gun control ain't the answer. All gun control does is to keep law abiding citizens from owning and carrying guns for their defence from criminals who could care less what laws exist. They love Chicago, because it provides a huge victim pool ready for the slaughter. I, for one, do not consent.


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