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Thread: first holster for oc 2nd post on here

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    first holster for oc 2nd post on here

    im sorry in advance for yet anouther newb forum post about which holster. just found this place yesturday and its got my intrest peaked as i dont have my ccw yet. i live in missouri and its legal here in all the small suburbs of kcmo so i figure why not. up untill yesturday i thought the only way to carry was to go pay a boat load of money i dont have and get my ccw. im cash straped as most of america is atm so i dont want to break the bank. i also know the old saying you get what your pay for as well. so with all this in mind i hit the interweb and got on ebay. i found this and from the looks it seems to be a low cost quality option. was looking for info on this holster and if anyone had experiance with it ocing. i have a sig sp2022 that i got a few months back for my first handgun. for your consideration this is what ive found.

    any other options would be good to see as well would like to stay under the 40 50$ mark

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    You would be better served with a Blackhawk Serpa.,1145,1410.htm

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