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Thread: U.N. me - an expose of abuses and corruption in the U.N. -- opens Fri, June 1, 2012

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    U.N. me - an expose of abuses and corruption in the U.N. -- opens Fri, June 1, 2012

    From their website:

    When the United Nations was founded more than sixty years ago, it embodied our hope for a safer, more peaceful world. But as reports of human rights violations and international conflicts make daily headlines, a question arises: Is the United Nations living up to its founding ideals?

    The answer is a resounding no.

    In a film that exposes the incompetence and corruption at the heart of the United Nations, filmmakers Ami Horowitz and Matthew Groff show how an organization created to ennoble mankind now actually enables evil and sows global chaos. U.N. Me takes us on a harrowing and darkly humorous tour of the U.N.'s scandalous disregard for the people and principles it was founded to defend.

    Balancing these stories against exclusive interviews with former U.N. ambassador John Bolton, former CIA Director James Woolsey, former U.N. weapons inspector Charles Duelfer, Nobel laureate Jody Williams, and others, U.N. Me delivers an unforgettable account of how the world's foremost humanitarian organization has become the clubhouse of dictators, thugs, and tyrants.

    Let us never forget that Obama loves the U.N. Gun-banning Hillary Clinton loves the U.N. George Soros loves the U.N. In fact, the vast majority of Democrats and pro-socialist people and movements in this country all tout the U.N. I believe the primary reason is that they've been unsuccessful in undermining our Constitution, and they see the U.N. as a backdoor means of establishing their own money-making and power-grabbing regimes here in the United States of America. Socialism requires a host, and the Democrats who've had the wool pulled over their eyes are the hosts, along with the rest of us if we let the Dems win.

    Regardless, the movie starts this Friday, and I plan to see it! Their website has the list of theaters on which it's playing. I recommend you go directly to the theater's website for times, but Fandango's times were accurate for my local theater. Just remember to select the correct date: June 1, 2012.

    See you at the movies!

    I'll use the remainder of this OP to collect other expose's of U.N. corruption, abuses, and ineptitude:

    1. The tab for U.N.’s Rio summit: Trillions per year in taxes, transfers and price hikes. Link.

    2. Wikipedia's entry on the United Nations is one of very few entries the public can NOT edit. Link.
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    Should have provided a choice of 'don't need to see it'....a movie restating the obvious and well worn facts.
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