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Thread: Are there any videos or news stories or a minor legally open carrying?

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    Are there any videos or news stories or a minor legally open carrying?

    I just found out that in some states minors can open carry and i was wondering if there is any videos or news stories of a kid doing that.

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    Open carrying what? There are probably dozens of videos of kids hunting with their parents. The kids carry their own gear.

    Or did you specifically mean OC'ing a handgun?
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    What does a caring, sensitive person feel when they are forced to use a handgun to stop a threat?


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    I remember seeing kids carrying rifles to go plinking when I lived in Idaho. I encountered them while I was looking for a plinking spot. I was enlightened and shocked. I even felt a little hypocriticical for my shock.

    Anyway, here's an article for you. Totaly different kids than the ones I saw.,2933,274138,00.html

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    OCDO member Ed has pics & video of his daughter Bullseye Brookie OCing. It would probably be quicker to PM him and ask where they are posted than to do a search for them.

    stay safe.
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