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Thread: OC Update from the Springs...

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    OC Update from the Springs...

    Hey all, thought I would share some thoughts over the last month or so of OC'ing in the Springs. Most of my daily events keep me within the downtown area, or closely thereabouts, and I have been carrying my Colt 1911 Officers model on my hip every day since purchasing it a few months back. I carry in a black nylon "Crossfire Traverse" that I picked up for cheap at Sportsman's Warehouse. I am constantly amazed at how low profile this gun/holster setup is, and most people I run across in my daily affairs don't even notice I am carrying. Spare mags go nicely in the box knife pockets on the Carharts.....

    Anyway, I make stops downtown at Buttercup's Frozen Yogurt with my 3 year old daughter, two three times a week, never had problems. Frequent the Poor/Little Richards shops a couple times a week as well, people will look at me, but nobody's said anything. Same can be said for the entire "Bon" Shopping center down by Jackson and Weber. I frequent the 8th St. Wal-Mart for my bigger shopping needs, never had a problem. Too, I am finding that it is easier to find ammunition these days at WallyWorld....anyone else having the same luck?

    So, all in all, I have grown pretty comfortable OC'ing in the Colorado Springs area. I have the opportunity through my job to speak to CSPD guys all the time, and I bring up the subject with them frequently. The majority of them don't think it's a big deal, and get tired of getting those MWAG calls. I've heard a couple of them say they think OC'ers are "stupid," and don't have the "training" to OC a firearm. All said, I think we have a police force with a decent outlook, although I wouldn't let that lull me into any sense of security.

    Please feel free to let me know of any trouble spots around town, and I'll keep updating my experiences! See you out there. Cheers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpringsColt View Post
    I've heard a couple of them say they think OC'ers are "stupid," and don't have the "training" to OC a firearm.
    Howdy Pard!
    If they think OC'ing is stupid, then why do they do it themselves? Just had to ask the obvious question.
    They claim to have training, but in truth, most police departments have woefully inadequate training.
    How often do they practice at the firing range? But most of us practice our shooting more regularly then the average cop.
    Police martial arts training is also not especially good.
    My information as to such particulars comes from police sources.


    the next obvious question is, where does the Constitution of Colorado stipulate what training is appropriate for carrying a firearm?
    It doesn't. What it does say is that the citizen has the right to carry. So, what is actually being said by those officers who think OC is stupid?
    That the Constitution of Colorado is somehow stupid? Or the men who crafted the language of our Constitution stupid? Or the Founding Fathers who gave us Amendment 2 of the United States Constitution were somehow stupid?

    When a glib statement is made, such as OC is stupid, what is the justification for that opinion? Can they show statistics that OC'ers are any less safe than CC'ers?
    Can they show any documentation to backup any contention that citizen carriers are less safe than LEOs?
    I'd be interested, because I can show some interesting cases where cops have shot (and killed) other cops. I can show cases where cops managed to shoot themselves (accidentally). One cop in Denver didn't check his equipment with regularity. His holster had gotten somewhat worn, and wasn't holding his firearm securely. When sliding into his car one night, the seat caught his handgun just right to cause a discharge that put a bullet right through his buttocks. Oddly enough, I haven't heard of such an incident with an OC'er.

    Everybody has an opinion, just as everyone has a set of buttocks. It's just that ours aren't full of holes.


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    This one Cop in particular wanted to cite all his Military experience, and all his training at weapon retention, whatever...he was feeding me all the lines about "becoming a target" by OC'ing, how "most people" don't have the situational awareness to fend off an attack. Hyperbole, merely.

    I have found myself being religiously aware of my surroundings when I am out and about, but this was something I did before I bought my little Colt. But I think the idea that someone might WANT to pick me as a target for a crime, BECAUSE I have a gun? Come on. Even bad guys aren't that stupid. Pity the fool....

    Anyway, like I said, most of the CSPD guys I've interacted with have no problems with OC'ers. The vocal few that oppose it are simply stating their own prejudice and ignorance.


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