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Thread: open carry question

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    open carry question

    im cold...... what do i do??? cant conceal my firearm at the moment.

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    put on a coat and OC? I don't really understand your question...

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    Quote Originally Posted by HazardousMijo View Post
    im cold...... what do i do???
    Put a coat on

    Quote Originally Posted by HazardousMijo View Post
    cant conceal my firearm at the moment.
    Open Carry!!!!! if you legally can!!!!

    *** I am NOT a Lawyer, and I DO NOT have any LEGAL EXPERIENCE OR QUALIFICATIONS ***


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    If the OP is like me, most of his jackets would cover a handgun "open carried" on the hip.

    My solution is to wear layers. I picked up a tactical holster at one point, but couldn't bring myself to go out in public while wearing it.

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    Herr Heckler Koch
    My gun belts are sized to go over winter wear as gun belts and not breeches belts. In warm weather they work fine as breeches belts with an un-stylish excess. Darn.

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    I use a leather work belt that I lined with leather from chaps that were damaged from years back falling on the bike. It used to be large enough to go over my coat but come this winter I either have to lose weight or make a new one, still have leather left from those chaps.

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    For weather that generally makes me want to have coverage below the belt-line* I take my garments to a tailor and have a slit cut and appropriately hemmed, making it possible for my holster to stick out (or the garment to fit around the holster if you prefer looking at it that way). Look at the "duty slot" on outerwear for cops. Look at the slit cut in the rights side - even has a zipper to close it up when you do not need the holster peeking through.

    For the occassional cooler spell and a garment that might cover the holster, I do a tuck job that puts the holster side of the garment above and inside the holster while still allowing me an unrestricted draw. I also do that with Hawaiian shirts - just grab a handful on the holster side, lift and tuck behind the holster. Most times it ends up going inside the waistband/belt there to keep it out of the way of the holster.

    stay safe.

    * A lot of my cooler/cold weather outerwear stops at the belt line just so I can OC without worrinng about what to do with possible excess length. Thinking ahead keeps the wardrobe in line with the desire to OC.

    stay safe.
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