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Thread: Help Needed, Sorta Urgent- Somewhat off topic.

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    Help Needed, Sorta Urgent- Somewhat off topic.

    Howdy Folks!
    This is being posted in the Colorado forum because I need some help from a fellow Coloradoan. Somebody who cares enough to help out.

    We have a cat. His name is Hamlet. This name befit him because his situation led us to ponder whether he was "To Be, or Not to Be!"

    When we got him from a shelter up north, we did not realize, nor were we notified, he's feral. That means wild.
    He badly bit both me and my wife early on, and the notion of having him put down was heavy on our minds.
    Whereas it is expensive to have an animal put to sleep, I considered taking him out and putting him down with a .40 cal on my own.
    But I just couldn't let it go without trying to tame him and make a real nice cat out of him.

    After a year of working to tame him, he no longer bloodies us with bites and claws, but still can't be trusted around kids, and doesn't tolerate being picked up or petted very well. He's a real nice little guy, and I don't want him to die, but we just can't keep up trying with him any longer.

    He'd be just fine with an adult or couple without kids around, and people who don't feel a need to pick him up or pet him very often. Every now and then, he will rub himself up against our legs to let us know he'd like to be petted, but he only accepts that for a real short duration. After that point is reached, out come the claws and teeth again. We just can't continue working with him any longer, and hope somebody might like a real nice cat with an attitude issue. We thought he'd make a terrific barn cat, but don't know anybody to ask if they'd take him in. So I am turning to ya'll, my friends on the Colorado forum, to ask for help.

    Again, he is okay to have around, so long as you aren't all that keen on petting him or picking him up.
    He ain't likely to ever be a lap cat.

    If you are willing to take him and give him a home, we'd sure feel blessed. We'd throw in a litter pan and some of his litter and chow.
    You can come for him and feel welcome to OC here, or we can take him to your place, knowing I'll likely be OC myself.
    Then again, I don't see OC as a problem with anybody on this here forum!

    Please help to answer the question of Hamlet... "To be, or not to be!"
    We can't live with him, but don't really want him to stop living!
    PM me if you can help out.


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    Sounds like a great mouser -- he'd probably love it in a farm/barn environment!

    If I had one, I'd take him in. Sadly, I'm stuck in an apartment, where he'd cost me $30 extra dollars per month. That's 50% more than my carport!
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