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    Cool northern ky

    well folks, i am kinda new here.. been reading but finally registered to post my story..i enjoy reading all your stories so thought yall might like mine.. me and my girlfriend was going to the farm sunday, so i packed my 45.. and for snakes sake she carried my walther 22..we stopped in cracker barrel. no signs, so we went on in and ate our breakfast.. a few stares walking across the room.. nothing that really bothered me... on the way out the manager said good day ,thanks for stopping, the usual. but that was it..good enough for me... and she did see it too..on the way out the door had another guy hold door open for us.. i thanked him and he responded by asking what i was carrying..i told him and we exchanged a polite conversation about the laws,,as he was from michigan..i referred him to this site for helpful information and was happy that i had a positive encounter with another gun owner..we also stopped in tractor supply of rt 18. no problems = good day, hope everyday goes this smooth..

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    I open carry almost everyday in Northern Kentucky. I have carried in the Cracker Barrel in Florence and have had no problems. It really is a gun friendly place to carry.
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    Welcome to the forum, Boone County here too.

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