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Thread: Joes Garage has a new sign - Gun Owners Welcome

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    Joes Garage has a new sign - Gun Owners Welcome

    Joes Garage in Floyd VA has a new sign:

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    At least you can still chew!

    I've always liked Floyd and I hope there's still no place that serves Latte.

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    That is hysterical.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peter nap View Post
    At least you can still chew!

    I've always liked Floyd and I hope there's still no place that serves Latte.
    No black powder though
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    Joe has a blog... and coincidentally, has posted an entry that is directly applicable to a decision I face right now:

    Thanks for the post and the information! The advice is sound.


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    Just search on the web guns welcome sign, I found them! $60 for the largest and a 10x7 $11.
    How come a DUI you can get your driver licence back, which it is a privilege. But if commiting a felon, even something non violent like stealing, you are denied your constitutional rights for the rest of your life?
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    More restrictions on guns? how about restrictions on chainsaws and knives?

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    I really wish that the sign would be amended to remove the word 'weapons' and replace it with 'firearms'.
    "The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference - they deserve a place of honor with all that's good"
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