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Thread: Aurora Colorado Police Department Widespread False Arrest SNAFU

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    What Do You Except From Cops Now Days..!!..?

    Just my thoughts and comments on the thread.

    Considering that LEO's on a daily basis detain and arrest the general public for LEGALLY taking pictures/photo's with their cell phones (which are then confiscated and those same photo's then deleted), ie: (link here)..

    Photography Is NOT a Crime

    ..why would you not think a bank robbery wouldn't turn into something more drastic in police action? And as one poster asked.. "What do you think would happen if you were legally carrying at that time and confronted by those same LEO's?"

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    Our society has decided to hire mercenaries to protect the law-abiding from the criminal element.

    These same mercenaries are expected to be on the lookout for criminals, confront, and engage with them in mortal combat if so required.

    In order for our mercenaries to proceed with their task to the best of their ability, and also take every reasonable precaution to ensure their own safety standard operating procedures have been developed that have been proven to be effective, but have the negative side-effect of producing near robotic responses to threats, or even potential threats. Unfortunately the general law-abiding-public is not easily differentiated from the criminal by this robotic methodology used by most modern law enforcement agencies.

    I strongly suspect that the Aurora police officer that held the 12 gauge to the throat of the visibly unarmed teenager has a certain amount of disgust with that picture himself. This is what happens when human beings allow themselves to become robots. Perhaps it is time to re-evaluate this methodology - as well as some of the other attitudes regarding videotaping of LEO's in public. Our society is becoming a war zone.

    I honestly am trying to give law enforcement every possibly break on this one, but this insanity must stop. What if the bank robbers had been a modern day "Bonnie & Clyde" duo ? There would have been blood running into Denver from the gutters of Aurora.

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    If the cops are acting (reacting, actually) as robots it is time to pull the plug on them. Any activity that involves dealing with other people involves dealing with variables that are going to differ from one contact to the other. A cop that cannot/will not modify their behaviot to adapt to that variable is a danger to not only the gereral public but to themself.

    I know and understand how difficult the job of a cop is, as well as the real and imagined dangers inherent. But none of that gives them a pass on violating rights or acting stupidly - they want to be considered professionals but refuse to behave as professionals.

    stay safe.
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    Apparently, their requests for search consents were so polite that even the bank robber allowed it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthernBoy View Post
    Sadly, if you post a link to this event on other topical websites, you'll quickly find out that a fair amount, if not most, of the posters favor the police in their actions. Just more proof of how dumbing down several generations of Americans by not teaching them the Original Intent of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights has worked.
    I took your advice...

    This is copy pasta from another forum discussing the event.

    The other thing is this... What would filing charges actually accomplish in this exact case. None of the evidence suggests that these people suffered any physical harm to themselves or any of their property. None of the people required medical assistance because of the "extreme force" employed by officers. As much as having a gun pointed at you might be unsettling, is that really enough to claim emotional damages? So really, about the only actual harm that might have happened because of this would be lost time. At which point, the people who were held at gunpoint while that bank was robbed should be able to sue the gunman for those very same damages. But that doesn't happen because there isn't any money in it.

    Meanwhile, the city would lose quite a lot in having to deal with trials, carrying out of charges against all the officers in question, hiring dozens of new officers, as well as paying whatever else lawyers might try to claim for their "clients". Meaning that even if none of the actual people involved make any statements, trial lawyers can take their own cut, and force the city to defend the necessity of their actions, and the city essentially loses either way. The same city funding that helps pay for schools, roads, services, and is paid by tax payers is also used to deal with any legal problems the city might face.

    Fortunately this sentiment seems to be in the minority.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom First View Post

    Mr. Law would have trouble sleeping after executing that kid with a nervous twitch. And feeding his family from the big house.
    No he wouldn't...

    Apparently you've never heard of Sal Culosi

    SWAT team called to arrest a man with no criminal history, over a $200 bet that police conned him into after befriending him.... He was taken into custody without incident, when an officer 'slipped' and shot the guy, killing him. No one filed charges, claimed it was an accident and no one was at fault.
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