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Thread: OCing for Ice Cream

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    OCing for Ice Cream

    00:00 hrs, get out of work so I decide to get some Ice Cream, drive downtown to corner convenience store, walk on in, get ice cream & then go stand @ checkout.
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    That conversation would never have occurred if you were carrying concealed. I have had many cordial conversations like the one above simply because I had a gun on my hip. Hopefully some of them resulted in someone else being interested in exercising their right to self defense.

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    In Texas I can't open carry, but I do have my CHL and on occasion I like to use it as my ID when carded. I do this to see who knows that it's not a valid form of ID.

    Which is stupid really, since I can use it to buy a handgun without a background check but not for alcohol or tobacco.

    Oh! The point I was trying to make, I have had a few conversations like that. Except that most of them have been "Oh, I have a CHL too!" The funny thing is that most of these happened when I specifically did not want to use my CHL, yet they saw it snatched it out of my hand(curious as to why I had multiple IDs). Seriously, people be crazy 'round these parts.
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    [QUOTE=scott58dh;1767072I reply,"Well,,, It all depends, on which end of the barrel You're lookin' at."[/quote]

    If I weren't an OCer, that would rub me the wrong way. I'd rather have said, "I'm only dangerous to the bad guys."
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