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Thread: Western Slope, Let's Meet Up!

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    Western Slope, Let's Meet Up!

    Howdy Folks!
    Since I did a pretty good job of catching up with a guy that my client was after for several months (who the sheriff failed to nail, and another investigative agency never was able to reach) I'll be getting a couple of new cases very shortly. One of those is going to be in Mesa County.

    As usual, I expect to OC across the state between here and Mesa County. Once I get there, I'd love to meet up with any OC'ers out on the western slope to maybe have lunch or just hang out. As of right now, I am uncertain when the paperwork will come through, but anticipate heading over there as soon as I have it in hand. I like to complete my assignments quickly and efficiently, so once I get the papers, I'll be on my way. Could be Saturday, or more likely, Monday or Tuesday.

    Naturally, I'll be working my case for part of my time out that way, but hope that won't take too much time.

    Anybody out there wanna meet up?
    And that includes anybody along the way. (i.e. Summit County, and points in between!)


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    Would love to meet again.......BUT: we have friends coming in tomorrow through WED, so unless there is a break in the action at the right time I likely will not be able to make it.

    If you're ever over here working and need back-up or a quick "eyes on"; holler I am usually available.

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