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Thread: Uneducated in Wilmington.

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    Hi All,

    I regularly OC in and around Wilmington, this past weekend I OC'd into a Scotchman (monkey junction one) for fuel, now I know the staff here and it is also a regular fueling place for the Sherrif's dept so no biggie, anyway I fueled up and went inside for a pepsi, the guy behind the counter speaks out to me "What the heck are you doing with a gun"?
    I state camly that I am excercizing my 2A rights and that NC is an open carry state and also that I was under the impression that Scotchman was a supporter (no signage), so we begin a discussion primarily with him spouting what he is sure the law is, I let him vent, he tells me it can't be loaded, I must have a permit and several other things, Oh he also is convinced we cannot travel with a loaded handgun, I made calm attempt to correct his misguided assumptions, funny thing is he said "call the sherrifs dept and they will tell you" I said the worst place to get info on the law is from that very source!
    Going on, I tried to give him a flyer, no go, I said if you want me to leave I will comply but my business goes with it, he said he had no issues but was sure I was in the wrong but had no real problem with my carrying.....oh well some folks just don't get it!
    The rest of the day was shopping at Lowe's foods, no issues, then Wally world, no issues.......

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    Sadly true; law enforcement is under no legal, professional, ethical or moral compunction to tell you the truth (barring certain circumstances.)

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