Recently got a Fobus Paddle Holster, thought this was the bread for my butter... boy was I wrong.

This was the 9mm/40 SIGMA version of the paddle line with a retention adjustment screw on it. I noticed the retention was really not that great so I tightened it, it would stay tight for about 3 pulls then go loose, which made me tighten it more. This ended up happening more than once, and the bolt literally ripped trough the plastic and came out. I added a regular bolt with washers through the holes to make a repair to it, and now it has excellent retention. I write this in case someone out there is having retention issues with the FOBUS paddle holster line. If i owned another FOBUS I would puposely remove the screw that comes with it and insert an actual nut/bolt/washer combo to it to really give a sure adjustment. I wish they would have done that at the fatory instead of having us screw a metal screw into a nut sitting in plastic. Not reliable.

Prior to fixing the FOBUS I went and purchased a Blackhawk SERPA for the SIGMA. I think so far this is the bright light at the end of my tunnel and the most effective, comfortable, light, and well built holster I have as of right now. This thing is great.

Just giving a quick review of these two holsters since when I was looking for them those seemed to be the salesmans main two recommentdations, maybe this short review will assist someone with a troubled FOBUS, or to purchase a Serpa... either way...