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Thread: Proud Parent Moment

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    Proud Parent Moment

    The family went to a local chineese buffet resturaunt, after we had gotten our plates and sat down our waitress approached, I was thinking she was just gonna ask how things were going and if we needed anything. Much to our surprise she started asking my wife and I about our guns. I will say that it was a very nice conversation and this young lady is very excited about her father buying her a gun for her birthday next week, but the really great thing about the encounter is that when she began asking carry questions, my 14 year old son chimmed in and informed her about OCDO and what she could learn. After a few minutes of explaing the site he then informed her about the VCDL site. When she asked what it was I thought that my wife or I would have to be the one to explain it to her, nothing doing, my son continued with explaining that it was a group of people who continue to fight for our 2A rights, believe it or not he even explained to her about the email alerts. Now if that does not make for a pround parent moment, I do not know what does. I dare say the only thing that could have made it any better would have been if there had been some die hard anti within ear shot of the whole thing.

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    Thats so awesome!

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    You have a Chinese buffet "local" to you?

    But great job on educating your son, who seems to have done a great job educating your waitress.

    Just a suggestion, but some of us are known to carry a VCDL application or three, along with OC cards and VCDL's gun law cards, to hand out to folks who show an interest. Does not take up much room in a back pocket.

    stay safe.
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