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Thread: OC turns into a Big Deal - or, Kids in Candy Shop get Hands Slapped

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    OC turns into a Big Deal - or, Kids in Candy Shop get Hands Slapped

    And not one word about booger hooks on bang switches!

    stay safe.

    Please be sure to follow the link at the bottom of the article - an even more egregiously-behaving person is outed there.

    Australian athletes are in trouble for being photographed with firearms:
    Swimmers Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk have been ordered to remove Facebook photos of themselves posing with high powered guns …

    D’Arcy and Monk posed with the weapons in a gun shop in the US where the Australian swimming team has been training and competing before the Olympics start next month.
    Legal weapons in a legal shop. Unloaded. Not aimed at anybody. This, for some reason, is causing outrage:
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    This is what happens when you make it difficult to get them where they live, they wanna get grabby when they are around them where they can!

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    That article is disturbing/saddening/hilarious all at the same time.
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    What kind of an idiot would do that kind of pose with two shotguns?

    Anyone can see that they aren't the same make and model and don't match.
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    Them carrying guns are both an affront to Aussie crime victims as well as sign of disrespect for those athletes who died in the massacre at Munich 1972?

    Gimme a break! Seriously, I think John Crook is a freaking idiot and is in the same league as the Temperace movement ladies of the 1800's!

    I fail to see how posing with arms can diminish to skew one's moral standings.

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    Australia's new anthem:

    "Please oh please make me a violent crime victim"

    Makes me ill at people who think a picture is cause for crime victims to feel bad.

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    In the UK, the olympic pistol shooting team can't even live in the UK because the guns they shoot with are illegal in their own country. So they have to live outside the UK just so they can train and shoot for their olympic team!

    At what point do you say that they aren't actually competing for their country because their country has banned them from even living in their country?

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    Swimmers Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk ... posing with high powered guns …
    High powered guns? Give me a break! Of course, to most Aussies anything more powerful than a BB gun (probably also illegal) would be considered high powered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Statkowski View Post
    High powered guns? Give me a break! Of course, to most Aussies anything more powerful than a BB gun (probably also illegal) would be considered high powered.
    Yes, I have seen questions by DA's asking "do you have any high powered guns" and I just laugh and laugh ...

    They are two young men having fun ... screw their lack of a sense of humor government ...

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