I don't know about you, but I've yet to encounter an angry or violent Buddhist, so when I read the "balanced nature" of the article, my first impression was that this is yet another mainstream media attempt to minimize negative press on Muslims.

After reviewing the rest of the article, particularly the part about the violence reflecting "long-standing tensions in Rakhine state between Buddhist residents and Muslims, many of whom are considered to be illegal settlers from neighboring Bangladesh," I realized it's probably localized because that's where the illegal Muslims are settling. All the other areas are chock full of peace-loving Buddhists, so naturally, those areas are free from the conflict.

On second, third, and fourth thought, I think my first impression is probably correct. I mean, who wouldn't be ticked off if illegal immigrants invaded your region, acted like their religion was the only one that mattered, tried to convert you, and pushed to implement Sharia law?

Fortunately, we Americans possess something rather unique in the modern world: The Right to Keep and Bear Arms, a means to ensure such folks don't throw law and order to the wind, particularly against ourselves and our loved ones, without an appropriate response.