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Thread: Aussie Swimmers punished for pose with guns in US gun shop

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    Aussie Swimmers punished for pose with guns in US gun shop

    AUSTRALIAN swimmers Nick D'Arcy and Kenrick Monk will be sent home from the 2012 London Olympics as soon as they have completed their swimming events as punishment for posting inappropriate images online.

    ...posting pictures of themselves in a US gun shop brandishing[sic] high-powered weapons.
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    In what will also lead to accusations of double standards, the sporting body gave its blessing for shooter Lauryn Mark to strip down for Zoo Weekly magazine.
    AOC spokesman Mike Tancred said the governing body was not cancelling the shoot[sic].

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    "She is a professional shooter, a gun is the tool of trade for her, and she treats it with the ultimate respect[sic]," Tancred said.
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    The above pic is well worth clicking on to enlarge. Wow! That is healthy there.
    watch your top knot !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanner View Post
    So they have evolved from an island of outlaws into oppressive twits. But at least they let hot girls wield guns. Oh yea and in the navy they will pay for a womans boob job............It saves on life jackets.
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    stay safe.
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    Shotguns and a compact size pistol are high powered!? Is "high powered" the new "assault weapons" type word?
    Don't believe any facts that I say! This is the internet and it is filled with lies and untruth. I invite you to look up for yourself the basic facts that my arguments might be based upon. This way we can have a discussion where logic and hints on where to find information are what is brought to the forum and people look up and verify facts for themselves.

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    Apparently, for the Aussie Olympic Committee, these photos don't reflect poorly on the Aussie Olympic team:


    But THIS one does:

    Don't get me wrong--I think Ms. Mark is an attactive young woman, despite the fact that she has obviously mutilated her body with surgical augmentation.

    And these two swimmers are pretty obviously a couple of Mad Mad wannabee tools who probably could shoot through a hole in a ladder.

    But I have yet to find any Australian law that prohibits being a testosterone-overloaded tool. And it's a good thing, that, or where would we get all those great movies about testosterone-overloaded tools like Mad Max and Crocodile Dundee, not to mention the biggest Aussie tool of all, Mel Gibson?...

    Being a testosterone-overloaded tool is sort of part of the Australian Male Mythos, and without such behavior, this desert island would be a pretty bleak and weird place full of wacky marsupials and a native population who believe they are descended from extraterrestrials from Sirius...
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    She must have been in the Ausie Navy.

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