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Thread: Portland Open Carry Stop

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    Portland Open Carry Stop

    Check this one out; I love the way this guy handles the stop. Not rude or whiny, yet commanding - he takes charge of the situation from the beginning and doesn't give the harassing officer one inch. Then the supervisor arrives and releases the law-abiding citizen to go on about his lawful business:

    If I called 911 and said "there's a guy wearing a red shirt and it scares me!" they'd say "that's not a crime; quit wasting time on this line or you'll be arrested for illegitimate use of 911." Same thing for guns - the operator should say "Is he committing a crime or acting disorderly in any way? No? Then that's not a crime; goodbye." The only way to make this happen is to keep OCing, keep filming, keep posting, and keep normalizing! Can't wait til I have a firearm of my own so I can join the effort.


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    Previously reported in correct sub-forum - on going thread there.
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