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Let me start by saying this: My personality doesnt change whether I am armed or not. The only difference is that I go into what I call "critical awareness" mode when carrying. Its almost like a switch. When my side arm is on....awareness is up. I take more care to be aware of my surroundings, and question things, mentally, more often than I do when I am not carrying.

Unlike alot of stories you will hear on OCDO and youtube, most of my LEO encounters have gone well. But I treat each encounter differently, depending on the officers attitude. If an officer walks up, and politely asks to talk, then I will generally agree. If he continues to be polite, I will as well. I may tell him my first name, but will not give up my ID. His questions will go unanswered, but I will continue to be polite. After a few minutes to be sure he is aware that I am not a criminal, just by our "conversation", I will ask if I am free to go, and go on my way.

On the other hand, if an officer walks up with a bad attitude, things change quickly. I immediatley inform him that "I do not consent to this conversation. I do not consent to a search and seizure of my person or property. Am I being detained? Am I free to go?" And thats it. Conversation, at least from my end, is over. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I have recorded 7 police encounters. 5 of which were deleted, because I use the rule, "No Harm, No Foul." I dont complain to their superiors, as long as I am not overly detained and harassed. The other two recordings were brought to the chief and the sheriff, respectively, with complaints filed. The reason that most people havent heard about the two bad ones, is that the situations were taken care of to my satisfaction.

I dont bait police. I dont go out trying to draw attention to myself. I simply go out to do my thing, then go home.
That is exactly the same philosophy I use when handling the LEOs in my neck of the woods. I have had one instance with an agressive policeman. This was before I even started to intentionally open carry. Someone saw my concealed carry and called in an MWAG. Guy showed up with his weapon drawn but not pointed at me and was pretty agressive. At the time I didn't know all of my rights, but I did know that he was wrong, so I called the state patrol on him. Egg on his face. That was actually one of the reasons I started doing some research and started OCing.

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