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Thread: Constitutional Rights, Powers and Duties

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    Constitutional Rights, Powers and Duties

    So hearing the Oath of Citizenship I wanted to see in writing the Duties of an American citizen. That is when I came across this site. On there I found exactly what I was looking for:

    Constitutional duties of citizens under U.S. or State jurisdiction:[7]

    (1) To preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.[6]

    (2) To help enforce laws and practices that are constitutional and applied within their proper jurisdiction and according to their intent, and to resist those which are not.

    (3) To serve on juries, and to render verdicts according to the constitutionality, jurisdiction, and applicability of statute and common law, and the facts of the case.

    Constitutional duties of able-bodied citizens under U.S. or State jurisdiction:[7]

    (1) To defend the U.S. or State, individually and through service in the Militia.

    (2) To keep and bear arms.[18]

    (3) To exercise general police powers to defend the community and enforce the laws, subject to legal orders of higher-ranking officials when present.[17]

    Now I know this may sound like generalizing, but why couldn't those billets be used to shut down organizations such as the Brady Campaign. Maybe I'm reading it too literally. The way I see they are in complete violation of the first bolt point. As well, and I am sure we all know it already, they are they support the infringement of the second bold point(and the 2A as well).

    IDK just a thought to share..
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