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Thread: OC Outing with Nkunnen Today!

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    OC Outing with Nkunnen Today!

    Howdy Folks!
    Well, I decided to take a break from complaining to City Hall about police strong-arm tactics being discussed in another thread and decided to get out of the house and try being somewhat productive, or at least pretending to be.

    I got a call today from nkunnen and after discussing the situation that happened in Aurora, we agreed to meet at a local Village Inn for some face to face contact.
    Before I met up with him and his beautiful little daughter, I dropped by Best Buy on Mississippi near I-225 to see what might be new. Ended up buying Sherlock Holmes on DVD, the new one just released this week. Naturally, I was open carrying my 1911 A-1 .45cal pistol and nobody at the store gave me any attention about that handgun on my hip. Then again, I didn't expect any either.

    Then I drove across Mississippi to the Village Inn and was just getting out of my Jeep when a gentleman dressed in a suit approached and asked how I liked my Jeep. He was making his way to a Jeep Scout parked next to my Liberty. We talked about Jeeps for a moment, until he inquired about my handgun. I explained that I open carry all the time regardless of whether I am working or not, but that it was particularly handy when I'm process serving or bounty hunting. He then told me he's a lawyer and asked for my business card as he could use somebody that knows how to track people down! So, by the act of OC'ing, I may end up with a new client and some fresh money coming my way. He's a probate attorney, and often needs to track down heirs, and that can be tough. I explained that I'm pretty good at tracking people down and have done real well for other clients so far, and figured I could easily track down anybody he needs to find and get through to them where others fail. Anyhow, he took my business card and I'm hoping we will establish a business relationship going forward.

    While speaking with this attorney, nkunnen walked over with his daughter and waited for me to turn my attention to him. With my business concluded with the lawyer, we went inside and soon found ourselves comfortably ensconced in a booth. Our waitress was terrific, and while I noticed some gentlemen at a nearby table checking out my sidearm, nobody made any fuss about it. We enjoyed lively conversation and discussion of open carry in general. Along the way, my new friend asked whether I ever carry in Walmart. I explained that I've OC'd in all sorts of Walmarts all around town, and never had an issue. He explained that he was nervous about it because of stories he's seen on the forum. So naturally, I suggested we go shopping. At Walmart.

    We drove a short distance to the Walmart at Exposition and Abiline and we went inside. His little girl had a serious hankering for something called Jelly Bellies, but they had none at this location so she settled for another type of jelly beans. We strolled liesurely around the store as we chatted and eventually ended up in the sporting goods area. I wanted to check their price on .45 ACP ammo anyhow, so that worked out fine. The gentleman working that area had a strange hat on his head and asked what I thought of it. I told him I fancy more expensive hats, removed the one I was wearing to show him the Stetson lining. He said he prefers to wear the type he had for fishing. I explained I'd rather go tactical when fishing so as to sneak up on the fish. Cammo clothing, a shamaug around my head and covering my face, etc, etc.

    The gentleman at Walmart noticed my handgun and said "It's nice to see somebody exercising their 1st Amendment rights!"
    I smiled and said, "Yeah, I defend my right to free speech by exercising my 2nd amendment rights to keep and bear arms."
    We got a laugh going and spent the next 10 or 15 minutes talking about open carry in Colorado, and I referred him to check out Article 2, section 13 of our state Constitution. He said he'd do that.

    After the little girl managed to score a new sleeping bag and some other treats on our way to checkout, we headed outside and talked about open carry in general. My new friend was amazed that I'd never had any trouble in any location in Aurora. Despite some of the stories found on the Colorado board of the OCDO forum, I've never been troubled by anybody for OC'ing.

    He was also interested in some of the stuff I've found with my metal detector and I showed him a few pieces that I wear on my person, both gold and silver.
    Since I had my MXT Pro in the car, I gave him a brief demonstration of how it works. I promised to send him links to videos I've produced to show off some of my finds and got that done just minutes ago.

    Anyhow, we parted company as it was getting late and I figured the spousal unit would be home and tapping her foot by the time I got back.
    It was a great day for OC'ing, and I hope nkunnen feels better about it now that he's been exposed somewhat on our outing. We can do more of that later, but time was growing short so I hadda head home.

    As usual, I tried to calm his apprehensions by explaining how most of what we fear exists only between our ears. I don't seem to find it manifesting in the world around me. And I also explained that much of how people respond to me as an OC'er is based on my own demeanor which puts fellow citizens at ease.

    Guess it doesn't hurt to be affable!


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    Great post....jealous I couldn't make the outing as well; I had to work my final of three shifts last night, tending to the ill and unfortunate souls of Colorado Springs. Looking forward to the C/S Meet and Greet on the 23rd, and I'm bringing the whole clan with me! Maybe we can make a stroll through Manitou afterwards!

    I've OC'd in WalMart many times, and have never had a single problem there. I'm thinking C/S is still pretty Red in that respect, and we have a lot of rural traffic that dilutes the City Folk. In fact, I OC'd downtown during the St. Patricks Day Parade, not a single issue. While my OC style is rather on the low profile side, and I did get a few looks from the passers by, not one of the many LEO's down there said a thing. So, I got comfortable OC'ing in a rather short period of time. To echo M, your demeanor has a lot to do with things.


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    Mention of demeanor brought something to mind. I wanted to share my personal explanations that I gave to my kids. I have 3 (2 girls, 16 and 12, and a 9yr old boy). I took each of them to the store while OC separately. I did that intentionally. On the way to the store I gave them the talk. I told each one (depending on cognition) as much as I could about the law. Best civics lesson they'll ever get, LOL! But I also took the time to explain the possible down sides. I warned each of them that this can make some people uneasy. And that if anyone confronts us we are to be completely nice and calm. I even told them the best thing for them is to stay totally quiet and step a little behind me. I told them when we OC, we have to be more polite than ever. And we teach our kids the whole yes sir no ma'am thing. So they know that it's important to be more amicable even than normal when we OC.

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    A big thank you to M-Taliesin. I had a great time and he is a very nice and helpful man. Thanks to him i see a lot of OC'ing in my future.

    I almost forgot, his 1911 is even nicer in person than it is in the pics that on here when he first bought it.
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